100 Days in Chennai .......

After completing 100 Days in Chennai, I present a short summary about Chennai city.

Chennai....city of Idlis,wadas,sambhar

Chennai....city of Lungi(s).

Chennai....City of Weired black people, if asked something in Hindi, behaves like one have put their lungi on fire.

Chennai... city of hot and humid weather 12X24X7

Chennai... were 1 chapati cost more than one masala dosa.

Chennai... city of salty water

Chennai... city of unmanagable traffic

Chennai... city of dirty MTC buses and angry bus drivers.

Chennai... city of unexpected Gay couples

Chennai... city of dirty beaches.
Sometimes I wonder why it is called a Metropolitian city, when it is suffering from lack of some basic natural aminities like good water, good food and a pleasent climate. Why IT companies are dying to set up their facilities here in this remotely located shitty piece of land.
If someone is willing to relocate to Chennai, its my humble request, please don't ever think of living in Chennai, its worst place to live in.


इक लड़की !!

For the girl of my dreams :-

उदास  लोगों  की  बस्तिओं  में ,
वो  तितलिओं 
ƸӜƷ ƸӜƷ  को  तलाशा  करती ..
वो  इक  लड़की ..

गोल  चेहरा  उसका  और  झील सी  काली  आंखें ..
झरने  जैसे  बाल  उसके , गुलाब  से  होंट
जो  करते  आपस  में  ही  बातें ..
मिजाज़  सादा  उसका  दिल से  वो  अच्छी ..
वो  इक  लड़की ..

वो  मोहब्बतों  के  पाठ  जाने ..
वो  जानती  है  कास्मे निभाने ..
वो  अच्छी  दोस्त  वो  अच्छी  साथी ..
वो  इक  लड़की ..

वो  झूठे  लोगों  को  सच्चा समझे ..
वो  सारी  दुनिया  को  अच्छा समझे ..
नादान सी मासूम सी  वो  इक पगली  लड़की


Amazing Technology



Some people have their own definitions in life and their own way of living it…
And I call it the joy of living!!
Often we look at them and think of them for thousand times. Many people predict that such personalities don’t have sadness or tears in their life. But that is not the fact, somebody smiles every time do not mean that they don’t have sadness. But it depends how we deal with it.

Such peoples love the freedom….

They speak!!

They enjoy!!

They celebrate!!

And they live life in their own way, they don’t think so much on pettier things and they just move on to write a new chapter in their life.

When we come in influence of such personalities, we start to love them and their way of living. We try to apply their ideas in our lives and we feel a drastic change in ourselves....
...The reason that was a heartbreaking stuff till yesterday, the same for which you cried thousands of time, suddenly becomes as if there was nothing in that to shed tears....
... And at such times we feel.. Was I a fool?? who kept on thinking for a long time.. And we start laughing at ourselves...
But the thing is you are living as an impact of that person. The person who have the gift of nature…life is too short to regret and cry for such reasons…
Be with such personalities and learn the way to live life….