According to some visionaries “Life never gives a second chance “. But in case of Arjun an Engineering student, he got three chances of falling in love but he messed up in the first two chances and screwed up his life a big time.

First time he fell in love with a girl 4 years younger than him.

Second time he fell in love with her own classmate, who screwed him up and went Germany

Then he decides to concentrate on his Engineering studies and never look up at any girl at any cost. As he completed his engineering successfully and joined India’s one of the biggest Software Company and same happened again. He fell in love with a girl in his company from his state only.

Will he propose her or just leave her behind and concentrate on his work?

Will he stake his work profile for her?

Or he will go according to his mother’s choice ?

At this stage life is completely confused and in a state of trauma

Meet Arjun and his disturbed world . 

The main essence of the story is that can love happen more than once or if it is true love at first time then it must never happen again no matter whatever happens.