Someone said it true " शहर वो जो घर बन जाये,  जहाँ अजनबी भी दोस्त बज जाये  " It is true for my city Indore. Indoriis are born with a XXXL sized heart which contains only love, faith and friendship
I am proud of myself that I am an Indorii not only from body but from soul also. I equally respect culture and traditions of other cities but Indore is somewhat close to my heart. I am 22  years old and all these years each and every dawn bought me close to the soul of Indore. Its OK that Indore is a small town, the point is that it is a peaceful city and people here are blessed with fun and frolic. 
There is a proverb for Indoriis  " खावा ने खाचरोद जाये".  People here are foodaholic and can travel a long distance just for a good taste.
Below is a collection of some points which are some common traits of an Indorii and proves that the person belongs from Indore

You are an Indorii if ...

Your Morning starts with hot and spicy Usal Phoha with jalebi. 

    Instead of saying "hi/hello"  to your friend you say "और भिया क्या हाल" or "भिया राम"  
    You have an Opinion on each and every topic, in short you are "रायचंद"
You get an uncomfortable feeling if not visited sarafa or 56 dukan at least twice a week
You take your newly bought vehicle to Khajarana Mandir.
On a tour to another State or abroad, keep atleast half kg of "Sev" and some "Jirawan" just to increase the taste of the food you eat  
Instead of watching movies in big and comfortable multiplexes, you watch movie in Regal, Kastoor and Manmadir talkies 

You take out your car Scratch free from traffic of  "Jawahar Marg"

Celebrate each and every festival with equal joy and happiness  

Each and every celebration ends up after a huge gathering at Rajwada

You are good at heart, unbiased and enjoy every aspect your life, spread happiness, love and taste wherever you go in the world.

I can say it loud and clear
"भिया अपन तो इन्दोरी है "
 " Indore mere jaan "