Once Pappu started praying Ravana and after 1 year Ravana was very happy from Pappu's Bhakti

Then Ravana decided to give three Vardans to Pappu

RAVANA: Say Vatsa! What do you want ?
PAPPU: I want 100 Vardans
RAVANA:  but I can give you only 3 vardans
PAPPU: but I want 100
RAVANA: no child thats not possible
PAPPU:  100 means 100 .. and I want 100 vardans
RAVANA:  No I will give only 3, if you want take them else I am going
PAPPU:  (after a long pause) Ok, but  What 3 I'll ask, you have to give me definitely ?
RAVANA: Sure It's a promise from Raksas Raj Ravana
PAPPU:  1st Vardsn , Convert your Gada into Wodden bamboo Stick
RAVANA: (a bit confused) "Tathastu"  and his gada turns into Stick
PAPPU:  2nd Vardan,  Put that stick in your ASS, Deep inside
RAVANA:  (More confused) "Tathastu"   puts it into his ASS 
RAVANA:  (In great pain asks) now what is  your 3rd vardan tell me ASAP

PAPPU:  Now are you giving me next 97 vardans, or should I convert that Stick back to Gada ?

The MORAL of Story :-  Management  will not yield  to your simple request until you make a pain in their ASS