Last year 14th Feb, I and my two friends Tosif and Tanya were on cloud nine as we were selected in a big MNC, we enjoyed and celebrated that moment and decided that we will join the company and just like we studied together, we'll also work together.
Its been 1 year since I was selected, passed out Engineering and still sitting and waiting for the "call" on that so called "BIG MNC". Although Tanya have joined it, but still she is not happy because we haven't joined yet.

Series of events and tragedies that happened with me after passing out Engineering are the worst experience I've ever had. I passed out in May 2011, after which I left for a trip to North India just for a refresher (it is the best thing I've done after passing out)
Then in September decided to go to Bangalore to join some small company just to cut time and as I reached Bangalore, I received my call letter, came back to Indore rushing and what I saw was that it was just a letter of intent with no specification of joining dates. Felt very bad and disappointed. That night only, I was surfing the internet, saw an advertisement of Indian Army Recruitment, filled its form and went to sleep.
At that time Swimming in morning and Usal Poha ( with Tosif ) after that were the only things I enjoyed rest all sucked.

After that I decided to join a BPO in Indore only, joined that too but I felt that I am not destined to do that so worked there just for a month took salary (1st salary) and on 8/2/2012 booked ticket to Pune dated 12/2/2012.
Next day what I received was just a total surprise to me as I received a letter from Indian Army yelling that I am shortlisted for SSB interview at Bhopal on 26 Feb.  :o   :o 
Till now I am in a big confusion 

Should I go to Pune/Bangalore for job search?
Should I wait for my call in that fucking stupid "BIG MNC" in which I was placed almost a year ago?
Should I go for SSB interview in Bhopal?

Some lines that matches with my life's current status :-

किस तरफ जाना है मुझे, कुछ खबर नहीं है ,
मेरे रास्ते धुन्दला गए है , घने कोहरे की तरह