It was January and pre-board Exams were round the corner and as we had already messed up our term and half-yearly exams, got several warnings from the Principal, Class teacher and last but not the least our parents. This time we were really desperate for getting good grades.
We were 3 besties Kapil (me), Anurag and Yousuf students of 12th PCM Computers 
It was our 1st class of that day, Computers, which was cancelled as exam papers were being typed in the computer lab and being a hacker, a dirty idea popped up in my wicked mind. I wanted to tell it to anurag and yousuf but waited till the lunch.
“Buddy, wanna  get good grades in preboards”, I asked both of them
Who do not want good grades u dumboo” both said together.
 “Pre board is round the corner and we haven’t learnt a single derivation of physics”, anurag said in an uneasy tone.
“I have an idea”, I said with a wicked smile on my face and they both guessed it in a second. This is what friendship is, you know exactly what is running in your friend’s mind.
“Are u saying of getting the soft copies of all the papers from computer lab?” yousuf asked.
“Are u crazy, what if mamu caught us?”
Mamu: HOD of Computer Science department and our computer teacher
“All we need is a solid plan” I said to both of them “let’s meet tonight at anurag’s flat”
That night we created a full proof plan to hack the papers, we decided not to touch papers of other classes and will do it during the morning assembly and all we had were 1 CD(Pen drives and memory cards were very costly those days L ) and 20 minutes.
Next Day our trio bunked the assembly and went straight to the computer lab, but were shocked to see the server room locked. Our faces were expressionless, totally helpless.
But Defeat word is not present in my dictionary; I decided to get all admin rights through one of the other computers present in the lab. It brought a sudden sign of relief on their faces.
I posted anurag on the gate of the computer lab and yusuf was with me.
We started the node 11, got its admin rights and started breaking into the server.
Server was already running containing all the papers.
I just went to remote desktop connection and go connected to the server, it took me 4 attempts to guess the password (thanks to Brute force tool) and I was logged into the server. Now all we had left with was the path were the papers are saved and 12 more minutes. I searched quickly for the papers, all *.doc files present there
“What the Fu**”, yousuf murmured
More than 12000 doc files were present there and we both were looking each other’s face.
I went back to computer searching for papers thank God for the Xyros advanced search tool I managed to search most recently created files and got 17 files there all with prefix “PreBoardExams_” , it didn’t took a second for us to recognize the files and copied them to node 11 desktop.
Only 7-8 minutes were left.
I closed all the applications on the server and removed all the traces and logged off. We separated out papers of Physics, Chemistry, mathematics and computers from other papers, but when we tried to open paper of physics, it asked for the password again.
“Damn F***” I shouted “another password”
“Not again, another password”, “can you break it” yousuf inquired
“Our HOD is smart, no doubt, but we are smarter than him, I can, just give me few more minutes.”
“Wrap up buddies, we have just a few minutes left”, anurag shouted from outside
“Just shut your mouth and stand there” I yelled at him while browsing my Gmail drive for the tool I coded to break word passwords.
Got it, installed it, added all the files to it and in 3-4 attempts and few minutes, got all the password, stored them in a txt file, it took 3 minutes to write those files on CD, took the CD and we signed off from the lab with a hellish smile on our faces, we went to straight toilet so that no one could doubt us and decided not to discuss about it in school and met tonight at anurag’s flat.

And what happened in the pre-board examination was a history!!!  \m/