As long as I have been living there has never been a day without you and there never will be

A romantic Korean flick, very emotional at the end is a love story of Su-Eun and Su-Ho, starts with Su-Eun saving Su-Hu from drowning into ocean, after which their love starts increasing w/o any limits, but then something terrible happens. Leukemia overpowers the girl and she is going to die.
Also contains a small love story of grandfather of Su-Ho, which is also the important part of the movie. It ends with leaving Su-Ho alone  :( 

It was not available in English, so I took a risk and went on watching it in Korean only (thank God we have SRT files) and it was narrated so well that I couldn't move from my chair.

A conversation from the movie ---

Su-Ho (boy) ---  They say everyone has their own destiny
 For grandpa, it was my grandmother 
 For my dad, it was my mom.         
 I wish that you could be my destiny. 
Su-Eun (girl)--- Me too, I love u 

Ratings : 7/10