Here comes another piece of perfection by Chetan Bhagat "REVOLUTION 2020". Superb flow with great narration like a movie is being played in front of us. 1 could even imagine the characters .

The novel starts with Chetan Bhagat's speech at Gangatech college , Varanasi after which the Young ,
less educated director of college Mr. Gopal invites Bhagat to a drink at his place .He(Gopal) narrates
him his whole story including Ragav(his friend) , Aarti(his best friend) corruption, backstabbing,
ambition and many other things.

The novel shows the high level of corruption on India and if one tried to remove it , whosoever it
is , is suppressed by people with power.It also contains love and backstabbing mixed with
emotions and ambitions.

I rate it 8/10