Some beautiful lines "ज़िन्दगी में दोस्त नहीं मिला करते , बल्कि दोस्तों में ज़िन्दगी मिला करती है "
Really  true lines said by someone . I can feel life when I am with my friends , real meaning of FRIEND is LIFE, no friend no life. Since childhood I am blessed with some very true friends , pure at heart and divine nature.
This post is entirely dedicated to those friends of my life with whom I shared even a single piece of bread I had and will keep on this spirit within me forever.

"Friend" is synonym for GOD and I had a meeting with that God when I was in 9th standard , I met SHUBHAM KOTHARI.

Initially we didn't gel well but as time moved on we grew up and understood each other and our frnshp started to grew more stronger, it grew  more strong when in 11th standard TOSIF and TANMAY joined  usand we became a group of  4 having  last 4 seats reserved for us during 11th class and first 4 seats during 12th.
Form then onwards we had many nightouts , studied together , celebrated , partyed ,had fights , laughs and spent some moments that are not expressible  in words .
Cannot forget lunch we had together in school "सबके बेंगान मैंने ही खाए थे" and the computer lab from where we hacked term exam papers  ;) 
I hit on the girl who was Shubham's crush and messed up with her.

But as time moved on we passed out from the school , but even after passing out and selecting diferent colleges we weren't separated , still we had fun and are enjoying our life together till now  , which means a lot to me .
Can't forget that nightout @ shubham's flat  after Engineering results... .... .... what a night it was  .. unending full of vomits and fun .. can't express it here...

In college I met ISHAN and  SHREY , some of the awesome-st buddies of my life  . Me and shrey had a fight and that too a big 1 , he tore my shirt badly , but who cares , we patched up again in fraction of seconds .We had a lots of blast together in our college bus    " ४ नंबर " cracked nonsense jokes , laughed unnecessary on girls , Bunked college 1000 times , and  messing up with teachers and strikes in college was  our routine.
One of the most exciting road trip of my life to ROHTANG and SHIRDI was with them only. 
We studied together for nights not really "STUDY", but talked of nonsense things for nights , had maggie and pohe  during nights and days.. etc
4 years of engineering with both of them were very special and memorable.
During "AARAMBH 1 and AARAMBH 2 "  most precious moments with them.
These 2 are most precious gifts  to me by my college .

Even if I took rebirth I cannot forget RATAN aka Rocky , the ultimate guy I ever met before, बेमतलब पंगे , फ़ोकट की हसी मज़ाक थिल्वाई  और उत्पतंग हरकते .
Had first booze of my life with him only 
I can say proudly that "यही बन्दे का हाथ है मुझे बिगाड़ने में  ! " but still जिगर का छल्ला है मेरे ! 
Jumped from college building minor fracture , messed up with faculties many times , bunked classes , bajrangi da ki gumti ... regal k parathe  can't forget ...

These lines are dedicated to you  6  best buddies  :-

I promise to tease you when you r happy and tease even more when you are sad
I promise to take money from you and never return it back
I promise to take your food and runaway even if you are hungary
I promise to call you late at night and say "चल उठ मुझे नींद नहीं आ रही "
I promise to kill you if you don't wanna friend with me any more

above all
I  promise to be your friend for the rest of my life and do all silly things to irritate to , just to see you smile.. :-)

    1:33 AM  
    Gudnite and happy frndshp day .