Today 4:15 pm , I stepped out of my house with a spark in my heart , to do something for my country , our country . Kick started my bike and reached Regal Square , Indore .  I was simply amazed to see the crowd , it was huge and was increasing slowly with people coming from  every direction some on lorries , some on bikes , some footslogger , but I was moved when I saw a man with his leg fractured and on the plaster "अन्ना हजारे जिंदाबाद" was written , was unable to click the pic of it due to huge crowd .
As I moved ahead I saw this and I was dumbstruck after seeing his love for the country
Two more minutes in the rally and saw  " ANNA " , INDORI ANNA, his spirit was high , attitude was positive  , and he gave me some positive energy to move ahead and do something for my country
A press cameraman was hanging from Electricity pole to give updates  in newspapers and was performing his duty .
Many Students , kids , adults , aged .. rich , poor were screaming Anna , Lokpal  like out of mind.

Today I witnessed a spark , a spark to create a new society , corruption free
Today I saw a reformed youth ; standing against all odds
Today I saw a revolution ; revolution in myself 
Today I saw a fire within ; to do something , worth remembering for my country
Today I saw desire ; a desire or freedom from all evils of society 
and today I witnessed a new India ; emerging against all evils ....