Few years ago when we passed 12th class and put our first step into graduation, it was engineering field that we selected. We waited for this day eagerly, had 1000s of dreams in our eyes . At that time we were full of enthusiasm, energy and lots of positive thinking.
Watching latest movies was the priority over the boring lectures and we could do anything for a bunk a whole day out with friends. We had freedom and there was no limit for our fun and masti. Weekends were eagerly awaited as we could sleep as much as we can. College was a place for us to share our secrets with unknown strangers known as friends. Frequent trips, outings and bunks were common and Google map was a new GUIDE helped in finding new places. Assignment was a new word added to our dictionary. Bag was full of incomplete assignments to be completed in the library and canteen but never succeeded to complete them and submitted it as it is. Files were full of red marks saying INCOMPLETE. Computers, Laptops and pen drives were full of suspicious files and password protected folders to be showed to a few friends.  Time tables were created and destroyed every day. Every night we thought that now it is enough, I will study from tomorrow onwards and as morning approached same careless routine carried on and we enjoyed that attitude too.
Couples were seen around in corner seats of multiplexes and empty class rooms. Every single enjoyed their freedom and every couple enjoyed their love. We had multiple sim cards each having better scheme than others.
Night outs , Bunks , Beers, parties, sutta, assignments, Ragging, proxy, Orkut, Facebook, GT, pattha  etc  were common words to be heard in the campus. At that time we had no fear of future, enjoyed every moment of college life. Having lunch in the middle of the lecture and passing comments in between was just like a habit. Calling friends with weird names and linking names with almost every girl in the college.
If we failed in couple of subjects and get AT/KT , friend’s condolence and if passed first division Friend’s abuses and then partying were the most precious moments then. Silly fights with professors just for friends and arguing with them for no reason.
We did not merely live with each other, we lived for each other.
 We never knew that this all is temporary, and slowly we all turned into philosophers as the days came to end,  as time moved on we came to the last Semester of Engineering, now our priority from latest movie is changed to Company Placements and Future is the biggest nightmare for us. No more outings and bunks instead preparation for MBA/MTech/GRE/Campus… is going on. Now the question “WHATS NEXT?” criticize us to do something for our college, Friends, parents. Project is seen very seriously. Computer, laptop, pen drives are full of DOC files of Resume, emails are checked more frequent instead of facebook and orkut. Tension of future is on. Night outs only means a serious study, no more parties, proxies, GTs.
Many unforgettable memories left behind, who will screw my head and follow me wherever I go, who will eat my Tiffin without asking me, who will comment me when I will talk to a girl, who will sleep at back benches of class, who will sit and bear 3 boring hours in examination room.
Some lines which will never be heard
“college aa raha hai na ?”
“kaha hai ? Canteen”
“kitta hua? Mere to watt lagi padi hai..kuch ni pada”
“abe kismet se padhu kuch samajh hi nai aa raha”
And the best one
“yaar tere friend se setting karwa de …”

We didn’t bothered to keep a record of thousands of rupees and from now onwards it will be a fight for a single penny
Just in a few short years, we are back at the crossroads of our career. A few years on and life has come full circle. Remembering is our celebration, moving on is our silent tribute to it. Despite our failures, we are grateful since we know it could have been much worse. Now everyone amongst us can proudly say that “I AM AN ENGINEER”

Ye pal yuhi gujar jayega.....
Waqt kaha humare liye tehar payega...
Lamho se bhare in palo mein duriyo ka pal kaise samayega...
Pyaar ke khatir naye tohfo kharidna,usi pyaar ke liye dosto se ladna
College ke naam par canteen jana ,Roz naye bahane dekar lecture na jana
Yaro se zhagadna aur manana ,unki choti si taklif ko bhi dil se lagana
Kaha se launga ye pal ,kaha se launga vo waqt?
Ye pal yuhi .....

Pechle bench par ki vo mastiya ,Attendence na hone par teacher ki galiya
PL's mein shuru karna padhai,Result na ane par dena university ko duhai.
Sikha aur samjha bahot hai humne ,Zindagi ke har pehlu ko jana hai humne
Alvida kehkar ja rahe hai dosto ko,kaun jane kab koi mil payega..
Ye pal yuhi gujar jayega,Waqt kaha humare liye tehar payega....


Pal bhar me pal bhar ki bate h,

jo har pal yaad ayegi,

aur pal bhar ki khusi dekar,
Pal bhar me rula jayegi

kya batau is pal k bare me ,

jo pal bhar k liye hi h,

kash har ek pal me wo pal aa jate,

aur har pal ki hasin bana jate....!