CHem 7:05 PM ,
It was my first GD class of the week when I noticed her . Long red kurti , sparkling very much like bright shining rays were coming directly from moon making me rub my eyes again and again to have a clear view, but I still managed somehow to see her .
Hairs were medium sized , suited her persona very well, Sparkling eyes had something in them that I could not take my eyes off her. Milky white skin was an added quality that made me crazy about her.
GD started and the topic was something about Graduation should be made compulsory to fight elections , but who cared about it because I was busy in staring and analyzing her beauty , GD started and for starting  30-40 seconds no one uttered a word so as I , untill a girl besides me started , her voice gave me a sudden shock and I suddenly felt that I was sitting in a GD class. When she spoke , her innocence rained out heavily and when she was finished , I was not able to oppose her and sat like a dumbo again , staring at her.
The GD continued till 7:20 PM and we were set free at 7:30 PM.

At the first sigh only I was mad over her.
Their is a dialog in some movie
And it was the first thing came into my mind after the class and I was in love for the first time.

I followed her to the exit but was not able to speak to her just of fear or you can say it anything.
I took my bike from parking and went slowly just lost in her thoughts and planned to talk to her the next day.

Next day arrived and I was there in the class 10 minutes before the time waited for her , but as soon she entered I was again in a big trouble , and don't know what happened to me that I was unable to speak to her again.
Hopefully that class was an introduction class so every student came one by one and introduced themselves , I also went but more than intros of others I was interested in her introduction . As she came , she started with her name and I came to know about her name "SHRADHA" which suited her personality , she was from (*****) college of Engineering and was not from Indore . She told many other things about her , but I was busy staring her again.
That day too I was not able to gather much courage to speak to her , don't know why.

This happened every day , she came I stared her and she went until when I came to know that her classes are over and she won't come from now onwards.
It disheartened me as in few days she became my reason to smile , laugh and enjoy.

I am still waiting for her , and hope that she would be back to me ..........