Novel by Debut author Ritwik Mallik.

Meet Ritesh Garg – the attention crazy, fun loving, flirtatious and ever talkative fifteen year old. And meet Ritesh’s love interest, Aarushi – gentle, calm, sober and a conservative fourteen year old. What happens when such extremities in characteristics collide? An explosive

Just like Potassium bromide, Ritesh and Aarushi were destined to meet and fall in love at such a precarious age. Maybe it was their childhood? – When Ritesh grew up watching the heroes of the 90s falling in love, Aarushi saw Ramayana and Mahabharata with great interest. Or maybe it was just the way things turn out to be…total chaos!!

From dumb friends to volatile reactions in the chemistry lab, Ritesh Garg had to fight ‘em all to get what he wanted to achieve…his angel, his miracle.

As hormonal changes occur every day, their idea of true love takes a beating. What will it take Ritesh to grow into a man from the adolescent he is…? Who knows…because love happens like that!!