" तेरे  जाने  का असर इतना हुआ मुझ पर की मैंने खुद को ढूंड लिया  "
These are the words from RAVINDRA SINGH the writer of the novel "I too had a love story".

I was wandering at Ratlam Railway station waiting for my train to Ahmadabad , suddenly i saw this book on a bookstall there and went to have a look into it . On the cover page I saw that it was reviewed by Mr. Narayana Murthy , without even thinking and bargaining (as I idolize him)  I bought it and kept it for reading in the train.
I finished it in a night journey from ratlam to Ahmadabad

Ravin is the central character of the story and it revolves around him.The book starts with a get together of 4 college friends out of one is Ravin they decide to get make their profile on shaadidotcom portal and get married as soon as possible and the story continues. Ravin met a girl named Khushi through the portal he got registered and after knowing each other very well  they decide to get married.
The story continues till Khushi is met with an accident , died and left Ravin alone .

The narration by Ravin is very simple and sweet as the language is easy to understand. Ravindra Singh kept story focused and everything in the story is real that is people , places and especially how they interact
The book is the real story of the writer's life .Although I am hard hearted person but the story made me cry
My ratings to the novel is 5/5 and a must read book from my side.